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I love a love story!

I love creating art from the intimate moments; I'm drawn to when you wink at your love at the altar while tightly holding hands... The hug your best friend gives you on the dance floor... The happy tear that runs down your cheek while you watch your partner walk towards you down the aisle... The tears of the crowd during a speech... That one funny pose you do with your bestie that you do every time you see each other... The kiss on the forehead when no one is looking... Just all the feels!

What I do is so much more than just creating beautiful photographs to hang on your wall. It's giving you something to remind you of all those feelings from your big day. 

As your wedding photographer, it is essential that the photos you receive at the end of the day tell your love story. From all the intimate moments to the crazy party - I want you to relive your day every time you look at your photos on your walls and your album on your coffee table. From the start of your day photographing all of the little details, thru the tears, thru the laughs, I will be there until the end, waving you goodbye as you leave your venue...

Capturing all the raw emotions, all the beauty, and all the fun from your amazing day... 

Creating beautiful and timeless images is what I do.

Well... Also, cry during the speeches behind my camera, but don't tell anyone ok?! lol

Can't wait to hear from you and start planning your session together! 

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